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Elementor 3.0 Update Guide

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Important infos about Elementor 3.0!

Planned release by Elementor: August 25, 2020

Elementor 3.0 is a major update with big changes! Be sure You make a backup before You update Your site to avoid compatibility issues! The best if You check it on a test environment to see the changes first. WPKoi products are under test with beta version and the issues will be fixed ASAP! It is also recommended to wait for a few Elementor updates.
WPKoi plugins have a little change also! The extra Elementor functions like widgets and effects are move to a separated plugin (WPKoi Elements for Elementor) from the themes premium addon. Why is it good? WPKoi Elements for Elementor plugin will be added next to all premium purchase and will be updated more often than the premium theme addons with new unique functions. So if You want to enjoy the extra Elementor features and You have premium addon for a theme, go to Appearance-> Install Plugins menu and add WPKoi Elements for Elementor plugin.