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About Elementor 3.0

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About Elementor 3.0

Elementor 3.0 released on August 25, 2020 with some great new features and changes! The 3rd party addons may have some compatibility issues at the beginning. Please be careful with the update and make a backup!

Known issues with the latest WPKoi premium addons:

– The Parallax Section modul makes hard to edit the sections. If You use 3.0, You can deactivate this modul at Your WPKoi Elements admin menu. Try to fix ASAP

– The demo import doesn’t import the new global colors and fonts. All demo will be updated soon.

If You use other plugins they may have issues as well with Elementor 3.0.

What to do if You updated?

– If You use a premium WPKoi addon, it is recommended to turn off the parallax section modul at WPKoi Elements admin menu.

– If You have other issues as well, it is recommended to rollback to Elementor 2.9.14 for a few days. You can do this at Elementor->Tools-> Version control tab. You can download from here also and install manually.
If You have style issues after the rollback, go to Elementor-> Tools menu and regenerate CSS.