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WPKoi Themes with Template Parts

Showcase for hybrid themes

Explore Our WordPress Themes with Template Parts

Welcome to the world of WPKoi Themes—a revolution in WordPress design. Our hybrid WordPress themes with Template Parts empower you to unleash your creativity and take full control over your website's header, footer, and other crucial elements through a robust block-based system.

Easy Setup and Integration

Getting started is a breeze. Install Martanda or your preferred child theme directly through your WordPress admin’s Themes menu. Once activated, make sure to install the recommended plugins. We’ve seamlessly integrated WPKoi themes with the highly acclaimed Elementor Page Builder, making the process of creating stunning web pages effortless.

Partial Demos Made Simple

Our free WPKoi themes offer a unique feature that simplifies importing partial demos using the WPKoi Templates for Elementor plugin. If you’re new to this feature, you’ll find a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial here.

The Best of WordPress Features

What sets our hybrid WordPress themes apart is their ability to combine the best of WordPress features. They are designed to maintain compatibility with major plugins, adhere to the familiar basic structure, and offer an intuitive customization experience for theme styles through the well-known customizer. Here, you can precisely fine-tune colors and other theme-related settings to match your vision.

Embrace Template Parts

Our themes go a step further by embracing the innovative Template Parts solution. Navigate to the ‘Appearance -> Template Parts’ admin menu to explore its extended capabilities. This powerful feature enables you to fine-tune the core elements of your theme using a versatile block-based system. The possibilities are limitless, allowing you to customize every element individually and seamlessly incorporate your desired content.

Elevate with Premium Features

For users seeking the full spectrum of features, our premium WPKoi themes are the answer. The premium versions come bundled with plugins that introduce an array of impressive features. By simply installing the required and recommended plugins, you can import the full demo with ease—requiring just a single click.

Ultimate Customization

Premium WPKoi themes offer advanced customizer functions, giving you complete control over colors and typography. You can modify or remove the copyright text at the bottom, and explore features such as smooth scrolling, image cursors, and precise padding and margin controls. It’s an opportunity to elevate your website to the next level.

Extra Elements to Engage

Premium themes also bring an array of extra elements for Elementor page builder to enhance your website. From animated text and dynamic circle progress bars to engaging flip boxes and more, you’ll have the tools to captivate your site visitors and create an impressive online presence.

Your Digital Adventure Begins

Having explored the remarkable capabilities of our hybrid WordPress themes, it’s time to unlock the full potential of your website. Whether you opt for the free version or decide to explore the premium features, our themes are designed to empower your web development journey. Start your digital adventure today and share your captivating website with the world.