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Start with a free theme

Tutorial for WPKoi Themes

Get closer to demo look

The WPKoi themes has some little difference in functions, but this tutorial helps You to start with all free themes!

Follow the video at the bottom of the page to see the steps in action

1. Install Your WPKoi Theme

2. Install the recommended plugins

Elementor and WPKoi Templates for Elementor plugins give You a lot of help to build a beautiful site!

3. Add widgets to Your top bar

On the screenshot You can see some texts and menus at the top. You can add them with widgets at the admin’s widget menu or at the customizer.

4. Add Your socials and fixed sidebar

In the customizer there is a Social tab, where You can add Your social links. At the Layout-> Fixed side content section, You can add text also!

Keep in mind that these features doesn’t included in some early themes (like Asagi, Bekko, Koromo etc.)! For those themes You can find more info here!

5. Add Your header to blog page

The main blog page basicly not editable with Elementor plugin, but You have some function for it at the customizer’s Layout-> Blog section. You can add Your header image here also.

6. Create Your first page

Add Your first page at the admin. Elementor is hardly recommended to build a page. At the bottom of the default page editor, You can setup the page builder container (it is usually fullwidth in the demos), You can setup transparent header etc. Also recommended to select the Elementor Full Width page template.

Than You can publish the page and can start to build it with Elementor.

7. Add the demo content with WPKoi templates for Elementor plugin.

You can add the homepages from the free demos with this plugin easily. Read more about it here.

A step by step video about the process. You can use it for every WPKoi themes.