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WPKoi Events

Add events to Your site

How to use events feature

IMPORTANT: The following WPKoi themes NOT including this feature: Asagi, Bekko, LoveWP, Chagoi, Goshiki, Ochiba, Koromo, Kohaku

You can use WPKoi Events module with all other WPKoi theme’s premium versions.

1. Add events

Go to WPKoi Events menu in the admin. Click Add New button and create the event. You can add the date, location, date format etc. Check the theme demos to see the page layout.

2. Add the events to the menu

You can use the “events” slug to list all events like blog post. At the menu editor add a custom link as https://YOURLINK.TLD/events.

If You tick Events in the screen options at the top-right of the menu editor page, You can add Your events to the menu one by one.

3. Event widget and sidebar

The events and the event listing pages has a separated sidebar so You can define different widgets like on the blog pages. Check the video below, how to use it.

There is also a WPKoi Advanced Posts widget that helps You to display Your events at the sidebar or footer.

4. Display Events with Elementor

The WPKoi events can be displayed by any Post content element which allows to change post type. Check the end of the video below.

A step by step video about how to use WPKoi Events