The Brutalist Trend in Web Design

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When it comes to web design, we’ve seen it all – from sleek and minimalist layouts to avant-garde and extravagant designs. But there’s one web design trend that stands out as an unapologetic rebel in the world of aesthetics – Brutalism. The term “brutalism” might invoke images of harshness and severity, but it’s all about embracing raw, minimalistic styles that prioritize functionality over form. So, what is brutalism in web design, and how can it make your website truly stand out?


Brutalism is a design trend that defies conventions, characterized by an extremely simplistic, almost minimalist approach to layout and UI design. It is a rebellion against the ornate and heavy designs of the past, prioritizing honesty about materials and the integrity of function. It’s like the avant-garde of web design, daring to be different in a world dominated by polished, cookie-cutter aesthetics.

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To truly understand brutalism in web design, it’s essential to explore its origins. The trend can be traced back to post-World War II Europe, a time when efficiency was crucial. Architects sought to design and execute buildings quickly and inexpensively, with minimal unnecessary decoration. This pragmatic approach gave birth to brutalist structures that were often characterized by geometrical patterns and the exposure of raw materials, reminiscent of the honesty about materials that defines brutalism.


While architectural brutalism had its decline, a surprising resurgence of brutalism occurred in the field of web design. In 2016, the Washington Post reported that “the hottest trend in web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites,” a style known as “web brutalism.” It was a reaction against the lightness and frivolity of contemporary web design. Early websites were simple and focused on functionality, making them conceptually similar to brutalist architecture.

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Here are some key features that define brutalism in web design:

  1. Clashing Color Palette: Brutalism often uses bold, clashing color pairings to make a statement that defies conventional color theory.
  2. Minimal CSS: This design trend relies on very little CSS, giving websites a raw and text-focused appearance.
  3. Navigation & Information Hierarchy: Unlike standard navigation patterns, brutalist websites often embrace non-standard navigation structures.
  4. Raw and Unpolished Design Elements: From typography to color palettes, brutalist websites opt for raw and unpolished design elements.
  5. Repeating Patterns: Brutalist web design incorporates repeating shapes or patterns, often in a modular or grid-based layout.
  6. Honesty and Transparency: Similar to brutalist architecture, brutalist websites focus on functionality and the transparent presentation of their content.


If you’re intrigued by brutalism and want to explore more examples, websites like “Brutalist Websites” have been collecting instances of this design trend since 2014. Many brutalist websites combine elements of brutalism with other bold aesthetics, such as postmodern, minimalist, or grunge. The diversity in brutalist web design allows for a unique and memorable web presence.


Brutalism isn’t for the faint of heart, and that’s precisely what makes it special. It’s a design choice that is avant-garde, an extravagant break from the norm. It provides an opportunity for your website to stand out in a sea of conventional designs, offering visitors a raw, unforgettable aesthetic.

Brutalism is more than a trend; it’s a rebellion. If you’re ready to break free from conventional web design and embrace the bold, WPKoi Themes is your answer. Take your website on a journey into the realm of blissful web design, where it becomes a tranquil sanctuary for your visitors. Explore the power of WPKoi WordPress Themes and embrace the brutalist edge today.

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