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Tutorials for WPKoi Themes

How to debug Your site

If You meet a bug please try the following techniques.

These could help the support also, before You send a message with Your issue.

These steps are safety, but create a backup before them. Every sites and servers are different. Never knows.

1. Deactivate Your plugins

WPKoi themes tested with the recommended plugins, but maybe You use some others too. Try to deactivate them (except the recommended ones and the WPKoi premium plugin) and check the issue again. If this solve Your issue, activate Your other plugins one by one and check which causes the conflict.

2. Turn on the WordPress debugger

Turn on WP_DEBUG. If You’ve never done this before, follow this link. Most of the cases, this will print an error message to Your site. Try to google this error message, some issue could be solved in this way easily.

3. Change the theme to a default WordPress theme

Try to switch the theme to one of WordPress default theme (Twenty seventeen). If this solve, You have a theme compatibility issue. Drop a message at contact page and try to fix it ASAP, if it is possible.

4. Check your error_log

The servers usually create an error_log with some useful info. Try to get it from Your FTP or ask it from Your host.