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Replace images in Elementor

Tutorials for WPKoi Themes

How to find images in Elementor demos

The demos are complex and sometimes it is hard to find some elements.
Follow this tutorial to find them!

After You imported the demo, You can edit the main pages with Elementor. To do this click on “Edit with Elementor” button.

If You can’t find something where to edit, use the Navigator! You can find an icon button for that at the left bottom. The navigator lists all sections, columns and elements and make it easier to navigate.

The images in the demo are not always simple image elements. They can be background image, background overlay or parallax background for a section or a column. If You click around the image with the navigator, You’ll find it easier.

Sometimes the elements have some negative margins also. Check them at the advanced tab if You find it hard to resize an image.