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Update premium plugin

Tutorials for WPKoi Themes

How to update premium version

The WPKoi premium plugins needs license key to update.

f You buy premium version for one of the WPKoi themes You'll get updates in the future. These updates usually include bugfixes and improvements.

1. Get Your license key

If You buy a plugin, You get a license key in Your email with Your download file. If You don’t find this mail in the future, You can find the license key in Your account after login at this link.

2. Add the license key to Your site

If You use the premium plugin without license, You’ll be notified about updates in Your  WordPress admin, but can’t download it automaticly. You have to add the license key at Appearance-> “Yourthemename” menu.

3. Update Your plugin

If an update available You’ll be notified in the WordPress admin. If You’ve added the license key, You can update the plugin in the same way as You update the free plugins from

If auto update doesn't work

The auto update process has some minimum server requirements, so in some cases it can be easier to update the plugin manually, then setup the server.

You can download the update from Your account if You have live license. Always the newest version available from Your account.

If You’ve downloaded the zip file, replace the WPKoi premium plugin folder on Your FTP server or remove the previous version of the plugin from Your site and upload the updated one. If You’ve never updated a plugin manually before, follow this step by step tutorial.

If You are not familiar with FTP, You can use a plugin to update like this.